Search Engine Placement Services

Search engine placement is determined using different criteria on different search engines. The rules are varied and complex. Adding your site to search engines is important, but should only be performed after a campaign has been waged to ensure your site will rank highly, once added. The services include comprehensive steps that will help you to optimize your web site placement.

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Marketing, Web Style

Help your customers find your site with ASI's Search Engine Placement service. We'll land your site at or near the top in Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines.

Our Process

Client Interview - During the interview, we will work with you to identify your goals, your competitors, and will work to gain an insight on how your customers might search for your product or service.

Link Analysis - Many of the top search engines factor in the number of external links to your website. We’ll inventory those links and help you identify ways to improve.

Competitor Analysis - We'll find out who, among your competitors is scoring well in search engines, and why.

Meta Data Analysis - Meta Data are the tags, descriptions, and keywords invisible to the casual web browser, but critical to search engine success.

Detailed Results
We will provide you a detailed assessment of your site's rankings, along with specific recommendations on how you might dramatically improve your search engine placement. Optionally, our web developers and programmers are available to help you implement those recommendations.

Search Engine Placement Costs
ASI will conduct these services and deliver a detailed analysis. Costs are $249 per project, which includes site analysis and home page editing. Additional pages may be updated at $18 each.

Applying the Results - Site submission services require a one-time fee of $24 or take advantage of our stay-on-top discount of 20%, for monthly submissions.
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